Poetry Time with Children

Poetry Time with Children

Just like any other genre of literature, poetry has its own in-depth effect on children. Based on some research from skilled linguists, the more a child is immersed in nursery rhymes, the better they get with their reading and comprehension skills.

Did you know reading poetry to your children can contribute to their growth during their infancy years? Its benefit is categorized into four major developments that play a vital role in a child’s conjectural thinking.

It’s the rhymes!

The patterns of the rhymes enhance the language development of a child, making it simpler for kids to remember and learn new words. Rhymes also initiates a fun and creative way of learning more vocabulary instead of just solely feeding them the words without some touch of excitement.

A child’s subconscious

If there’s any way of stirring up your child’s cognitive function, then poetry is one. Poetry’s rhymes and the way stanzas are structured would guide them to the realization that two words may sound alike but has two different definitions. This includes structures and poetry patterns which can be beneficial on particular topics or subjects such as math, and foreign language.

Development in senses

Let your child read the poems aloud! The musical frameworks of poetry rhymes enhance your child’s breathing, tongue, and mouth movements—thus, helping them fix proper pronunciation and enunciations as well. Overall, it furthers the child’s language growth naturally.

An emotional touch

Touching the social and emotional aspects of a child is a no brainer for poetry. Apart from the comprehension enhancement, it allows having an emotional touch with the child by connecting in an expressive way with poetry’s emotion. In this way, the parents could extensively understand their child’s individuality and creativity in literature.

Set a time for your child to recite and chime in to the rhythms of any children poetry, and allow them to discover the art and intimate connection they can establish with poetry.

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