Introducing Poetry to Kids Through Arts

Poetry and its timeless quality are remarkably classic not to be shared with young kids. It has its way of painting a picture out of words, a sequence of words in rhythm, and a whole new level of literary creativity. A magnetic way of immersing your kids to engage with poetry is through letting them paint through poetry itself.

But why do we care about involving our children into a series of cryptic and paced phrases? It could take us forever to figure out what these poets meant. I like what Robert Frost once quoted:

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Poetry can be used as an exclusive channel to express their selves in a different and discerning way. While it can benefit through the transparency of emotions, it could also enhance their cognitive learning in all sorts.

You don’t always have to use poetries or related proses that embody complex contexts in it. Take their first step through simple poems that could easily stir up their creative juices and whose message can be understood easily.

To start, you can perform an activity at your respective home during their free time or over the weekend. Collect simple poems that are comprehensible at a young age. Accompany it with art materials where your children can experiment and play with their thoughts whatever cross their minds when they read the poem.

Allow them to read the poem and let them decide what they want to draw out what they’ve understood from the message. You don’t have to tell them what to paint or direct them what it meant unless if they ask to be guided. Provide the freewill to let them paint anything they have visualized. This way, they get to establish a connection with the child’s emotions and its message.

Tina Heinrich’s work The Adventures of Flopsy and Flathead is one of the literary masterpieces that showcases a diverse way to take your child’s interest in the creative zone and practice their imaginative flexes.

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