Encouraging Creativity to Kids

We know how much creativity could benefit your child’s motor development and their ability to think out of the box. It’s a good start to train them at their young age to produce a good investment in the future. Encourage kids to like drawing and get those creative flexes kicking.

Offer interesting things to draw with

Give them an idea or object they can think first, or anything that your kid would like to draw. Go a little further with the coloring materials apart from crayons and markers. Make use of oil and soft chalk pastels, water pencils, rulers, and other tracing materials. 

You can also use any interesting materials they can draw on, such as a big cardboard box, balloon, on concrete, or any surface where they’re allowed to draw.

Avoid telling them what needs to be done

Offer space for your kids to draw whatever they want without pressure. Some children get hesitant in drawing because they’re scared they can’t do it right.

Connect it to anything that hypes them up

Relate the object to anything that interests them. You can add a basket of your kids’ favorite toys, building blocks, or any object that inspires him to draw something about it.

Give them a reason to draw

Providing them enough reason to draw is one thing that will get them to do it. It can be through letters, cards, a bedroom sign, or a list that they want for Christmas.

Get into their hype

If they want to get messy when they draw or do finger paint, then let them have all the fun they want. It’s the thought of granting them the kind of fun that arts or drawing can offer while they’re doing it.

Compliment their first work always. Children receiving all types of appreciation or compliments can drive them to even better. Tina Heinrich and her engaging illustrations in The Adventures of Flopsy and Flathead will draw your kids’ interest in drawing even more.

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