Child Development through Art

Art in Improving a Child’s Development

Art, as any parents are aware of, is beneficial to the growth and learning of our child. Although, oftentimes we disregard the benefit it brings. So we prefer to have our kids engaged in tough activities that they may not be interested in or are far too advanced for their young minds— this though, blocks their ability to learn. Acquainting yourself with child development through art will give you a proper concept of its purpose.

 Physical development

Art activities may not involve strenuous physical engagement like running or playing, but their physical engagement through their hand and eye coordination while they are doing art is a good practice of motor control that they will soon apply in writing and observing.

 Social development

Social development helps your kids interact with other children as they work together with their own art. It also enhances teamwork, responsibility, and positive attitudes as they learn to be accountable with their own works and fulfill responsibilities.

 Cognitive development

This is among the common benefit that art can teach to your children. Aside from learning the basic colors and their combinations, kids also get to discover new things such as their surroundings and various objects to serve as their subject. It also induces creativity and curiosity about things that might be unfamiliar to them.

 Emotional development

Through art, kids can express themselves on what they can’t verbalize. Sometimes, the means of communicating to our kids is through the art they draw or paint. It creates an avenue for children to express themselves or open up hidden emotions they were hesitant of bringing up. This is partially beneficial in their mental thinking, especially if there is an established communication between the parent and the child. It promotes a sense of trust and openness when we communicate with our children through the art they make.

 Child development through art and imagination

Art allow children to think out of the box, to let their mind wander beyond what their normal mind can think. It also engages their minds to any kind of experimentations involving arts or science that can be enhanced further as they grow up.

Art is a process. It happens when we allow our children to freely express their thoughts. There’s no right or wrong to this. Just let them enjoy the process.

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