written by: Tina Heinrich
illustrated by: Josh Heinrich

Raising kids can be a challenge, but it could also be quite fun. You just need to look at it as an adventure. This is how the author and proud mom Tina Heinrich looks upon parenthood, and she has been having fun for many years. She is a proud mother of three. And as she raised her kids, she has had her fair share of adventures. And her book The Adventures of Flopsy and Flathead is a great example of one of these adventures.

The Adventures of Flopsy and Flathead is a poetic tale of a group of Rhode Island Red chicks as they were raised. It tells how of the entire original group only two survived. This is the true story of the adventures of those two chickens, and their experiences as they were raised. The story was based on the author’s own experiences of raising chickens and three young boys. The tale was written 20 years ago and is a beloved story within the family. This book is a way for the author to share this wonderful story. Overall, the Adventures of Flopsy and Flathead is a great and immersive read, full of clever poems and fun characters.

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